Curie and Joliot-Curie Archives, 1914-1958.


Curie and Joliot-Curie Archives, 1914-1958.

Includes correspondence; scientific documents (including scientific notebooks); writings of Pierre and Marie Curie and Frédéric and Irène Joliot-Curie; writings about the Curies and Joliot-Curies (articles in magazines, books, press clippings, etc); photographs, and scientific equipment.

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Curie, Pierre, 1859-1906 (person)

Pierre Curie (b. May 15, 1859, Paris, France-d. April 19, 1906, Paris, France), French physicist and a pioneer in crystallography, magnetism, piezoelectricity and radioactivity....

Curie, Marie, 1867-1934 (person)

Marie Curie (b. November 7, 1867, Warsaw, Poland-d. July 4, 1934, Passy, Haute-Savoie, France), nuclear physics and chemist and research of radioactivity. She won the Nobel Prize for physics (with Pierre Curie) in 1903, and again for chemistry in 1911. She discovered polonium and radium. ...

Joliot-Curie, Irène, 1897-1956 (person)

Joliot-Curie, Frédéric (person)