Oral history interview with Henry Linshitz, 1988 February 23.


Linshitz, Henry, 1919-. Oral history interview with Henry Linshitz, 1988 February 23.

Oral history interview with Henry Linshitz, 1988 February 23.

Discussion of Fritz London's papers, beginning in 1927, on chemistry, dispersion forces, adiabatic chemical reactions (Polanyi, Eugene Wigner, Eyring) and development of the theory of non-adiabatic chemical reactions (Clarence Zener, Edward Teller). Linshitz a chemistry student at Duke University; excitement of statistical and quantum mechanics courses taught by London; Linshitz's lecture notes, with corrections by London: detailed material on pre-1925 physics, Bohr model, classical dispersion theory; Linshitz recruited as City College graduate to Duke by Paul Gross, head of the Duke chemistry department. Leaves Duke to work with Kistiakowsky on shaped charges, 1943. Then to Los Alamos to work on implosion method lenses for atomic bomb; assembles bomb that was actually dropped (Philip Morrison). Returns to Duke after World War II. Recounts history of discovery of fission in 1939 (Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner); Bohr's liquid-drop model. Finishes thesis under Gross; London a bit aloof, closer to Lothar Nordheim and Hertha Sponer-Franck.

Sound recording: 2 sound cassettes.No transcript; notes: 2 pp.

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