George Biddell Airy Papers, 1819-1890.


Royal Greenwich Observatory. George Biddell Airy Papers, 1819-1890.

George Biddell Airy Papers, 1819-1890.

Contains: A. Papers consisting principally of Airy's voluminous correspondence over his 46 years as Astronomer Royal, though there are numbers of scientific papers and engineering drawings, for instance in connection with the building of the Airy Transit Circle, as well as mathematical work, notebooks, journals and many administrative records created in the running of the Royal Observatory; B. Documenation of important topics and events, such as the building of the Airy Transit Circle, ca. 1850, later to define the Earth's prime meridian; time distribution by electric telegraph, from 1850; introduction of photographic registration of observations, particularly in meteorology; introduction into Britain of the 'American Method' of electrical recording of transit timings. C. The following is a partial list of the names of corresondents and others as they appear in the handlist to this class of papers in RGO Archives. It must be remembered that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of names as they appear in the papers themselves. Researchers interested in a particular period are invited to write to the RGO Archivist at the above address if they are interested in particular individuals whose names do not appear below, but who could possibly have been in correspndence with the person or institution responsible for creating the class. Correspondendts: C. Abbe; W. Abney; J.C. Adams; G.B. Airy; H. Airy; Hilda Airy; Lady. Airy; Mrs. R. Airy; W. Airy; B. Amici; D. Arago; F. Argelande; Arnold; H.S. Atwood; Dr. A. Auwers; F. Baily; Sir J. Barrow; F.W. Bessel; J. Firmingham; W. Birt; Roguslowski; G.P. Bond; W.C. Bond; L. Borelli; J. Bradley; C. Bremiker; Sir D. Brewster; Sir T. Birisbane; Dr. C. Bruhns; J. Buckingham; Mr. Burnham; A. Busch; R.C. Carrington; Prof. A. Cayley; Sir G. Cayler; Prof. J. Challis; S.H. Christie; W.H.M. Christie; A.C. Clairaut; M.A Cornv; W. Crookes; C. Darwin; G.B. Donati; A.M. Downing; Dr. H. Draper; J. Dreyer; J. Ellis; J.F. Encke; G.A. Erman; Euclid; L. Euler; A.H. Fizeau; M. Fizeau.; Dr. J. Forbes; J. Foucault; J. Fraunhofer; Fresnal; A. Gaillot; G. Galle; J.P. Gassiot; K. Gauss; Sir D. Gill; J. Glaisher; J.T. Goddard; B. Gould; J. Green; S. Grimaldi; Sir H. Brubb; T. Brubb; A. Hall; E. Halley; P. Hansen; C. Hansteen; W. Harkness; O Heaviside; T. Henderson; P.P. Henry; A.S. Herschel; Sir J. Herschel; J. Hind; E. Holden; J. Houzeau; W. Huggins; J. Ivory; P. Janssen; M.J. Johnson; J. Kepler; A. Kupffer; J. Lamont; S. Langley; W. Lassell; Sir J. Lockyer; Sir. J. Lubbock; C. Lyman; J. Madler; Rev. Dr. N. Maskelyne; Mrs. Maskelyne; W. Maunder; M. Mitchell; F. Moigno; and Sir I. Newton; among others.

830 pieces.

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Sir George Biddell Airy was educated at Cambridge and became Plumain Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Cambridge Observatory in 1828. In 1835 he accepted the post of Astronomer based at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which he held until 1881. In 1835 Airy was invited to become a member of the University of London Senate. Although he was unable to attend Senate meetings on a regular basis, he discussed the pressing issues of the University at the time with other Senate members, in part...

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Airy (1801-1892) was the seventh Astronomer Royal. Born in Alnwick, Northumberland and educated in Ipswich and at Trinity College, Cambridge, Airy became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, then Plumian Professor of Astronomy in the University, before being appointed Astronomer Royal in 1835. He remained at Greenwich for the remainder of his working life, retiring at the age of 80 in 1881. Even then, as a member of the Board of visitors, he maintained a direct link with the Observatory, which onl...