Laser pioneer interviews, 1985-1986.


Laser pioneer interviews, 1985-1986.

Audio tapes and original transcripts of ten interviews conducted by Jeff Hecht with pioneers of laser and laser applications research. Pioneers of laser research: Nicolaas Bloembergen, Gordon Gould (two interviews), Robert N. Hall, Ali Javan, Dennis Matthews, C. Kumar N. Patel, William Silvast, and Peter Sorokin. Pioneers of laser applications research: Emmet Leith and Francis L'Esperance. Topics include: background and education of all interviewees; nuclear magnetic resonance, nonlinear optics, spectroscopy, laser applications, American Physical Society Report on Directed Energy Weapons (Bloembergen); patents, optical communications, copper-vapor lasers, mercury-vapor lasers (Gould); semiconductor lasers, General Electric (Hall); synthetic aperture radar, Willow Run Laboratory, optical signal processing, holography, optical computing (Leith); Bell Laboratories, molecular lasers, spin-flip Raman lasers, atmospheric pollutants, spectroscopy, ozone depletion, American Physical Society Study on Directed Energy Weapons (Patel); Radio Corporation of America, helium-neon laser, classical oscillators at optical frequencies (Javan); opthamology, laser photocoagulation, diabetic retinopathy (L'Esperance); soft x-ray laser, Nova Fusion Laser, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Matthews); University of Utah, metal-vapor lasers, short-wavelength lasers, helium cadmium laser, Bell Labs (Silvast); Maiman's first laser, dye lasers, two photon lasers, and spectroscopy (Sorokin). The collection also includes 22 issues of the journal Lasers and Applications (1985-86). Edited versions of all of the interviews (excepting Gould's second interview) were published in eight of these issues (January, February, March, July, October, November 1985, and April and May 1986); the remaining issues include interviews with laser and laser applications pioneers which are not part of this collection.

1.5 linear feet (3 boxes), including 23 (60 minute) cassettes.


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