Polar expeditions, 1876-1915.


Polar expeditions, 1876-1915.

Scientific material from six Norwegian polar expeditions: 1) The Norwegian Nordhavs (Norwegian Sea) Expedition, 1876-1878: correspondence, original data concerning scientific measurements, etc.; 2) Fram I, 1893-1896: logbook, journal, etc.; 3) Fram II, 1898-1902: meteorological and magnetic [measurements] data; 4) Rittmester Gunnar Isachsen's Spitsbergen expedition, 1909-1910: log books, meteorological observations, etc.; 5) Fram III, 1910-1912: meteorological diaries, scientific data; 6) Gjøoa Expedition, 1903-1906: original material and miscellaneous processings and manuscripts. Also S/S Haugastøol of Kristiania, 1915: diary. Subjects: oceanography, meteorology, astrophysics, and polar research.


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