Humphry Repton architecture and landscape designs, 1807-1813.


Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818. Humphry Repton architecture and landscape designs, 1807-1813.

Humphry Repton architecture and landscape designs, 1807-1813.

Drawings and writings related to four projects, assembled by the repository. Report concerning the gardens at Ashridge, respectfully submitted to the Earl of Bridgewater..., 1813. A bound manuscript, in red buckrum case, contains text (11 pp) followed by plans and views, some in watercolor. Some pages contain flaps that allow alternate proposals to overlay the drawings. Apparently this volume was not in Repton's possession when he published his later account of Ashridge; the published designs differ significantly from the manuscript. With this "red book" came additional items: A proposal for alterations to the buildings at Ashridge, submitted by William Wilkins (1807 Feb 24); two plans (ink and color wash with pencil) presenting an alternate garden design proposal by Steward Torbron; a letter describing a proposed house design by "Essez, ditto il piccolo Palladio" (1808 Oct 31); a schematic ground plan in ink with labelled features (unsigned, undated); a schematic plan in ink, watercolor, and pencil, heavily annotated with design proposals; and a handwritten description of the garden design (unsigned). Architectural designs for Harlestone Park, Northamptonshire, by H. and J. A. Repton, 1808-1811. Designed for Robert Andrew, Esq. Three drawings: a plan (1808-1811), elevation (1811?), and a perspective view (undated, later 19th century?). Designs for a picturesque lodge for Chas. Hoare, ca. 1810: four ink and pencil drawings showing roof plan, elevations, and roof section. Evidently by Humphry and George Repton in conjunction with John Nash's work at Luscombe Castle. The designs were found in a copy of Repton's "Fragments" marked on the cover, "Chas. Hoare Luscombe." A few hints concerning landscape sketches, 1811: a sketchbook in which Repton shows in successive stages how to prepare sketches and lay on watercolors of different values. Prepared for C. J. Wall. Bound in red leather with former owner's stamp on inside cover.

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