[Hybrid book of letters of Poliziano, Symmachus, and Laudinus]. [ca. 1511-1514]


[Hybrid book of letters of Poliziano, Symmachus, and Laudinus]. [ca. 1511-1514]

Collection of two published works with manuscript additions related to one of the works and manuscript annotations. The letters of Poliziano that comprise just over half the volume were published by Theodericus Martini (Thierry Martens) in Antwerp in 1514 and include letters to numerous Italian humanists, church officials, and secular leaders. Recipients include Lorenzo de' Medici (referred to in the letter as Poliziano's patron), Piero de' Medici, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Ludovico Sforza (Duke of Milan), Iacopo Antiquari (secretary to Ludovico Sforza), Aldo Manuzio, Jacopo Ammannati Piccolomini (Cardinal of Pavia), Francesco Piccolomini (Cardinal of Siena, later Pope Pius III), and Pope Innocent VIII. Following the printed text are manuscript copies, a few years earlier than the printed letters, of 17 letters to Poliziano or between friends of Poliziano, most of whom are represented in the printed collection, such as John II of Portugal, Lorenzo de' Medici, Ludovico Sforza, Iacopo Antiquari, Innocent VIII, Francisco Piccolomini, Battista Guarini, and Marco Lucido Fazini. The manuscript section also includes 2 orations by Poliziano. The second published work, issued by Johann Schott in Strasbourg in 1510, presents letters of the 4th-century Roman statesman Symmachus and the supposed correspondence of Mehmed II, Sultan of the Turks, written by the humanist Laudinus, also known as Laudivio de Vezzano, a popular work first published in 1473. Early annotations in 1 or 2 hands in red ink appear throughout volume except in the letters of Symmachus, dated 1511 at the end of the manuscript letters and 1512 at the end of the second published work. Many of the annotations are literary in nature, highlighting references to classical authors or proverbs and adages in the text. Later annotations added in pencil and orange crayon.

206 leaves : paper ; bound to 219 x 155 mm.



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