Pownalborough Court House collection, 1750-1957.


Pownalborough Court House collection, 1750-1957.

The Pownalborough Court House collection consists of correspondence and business papers of the Goodwin, Johnson, and allied families, accumulated over nearly 200 years by seven generations of descendants of Major Samuel Goodwin (1716-1802), agent and clerk for the Plymouth Proprietors in the Kennebec Purchase, the collection includes information about many members of each generation of his descendants, including ship owners, shipmasters, farmers, businessmen, local officials, their wives and children, all who called the Pownalborough court house home; friends, relatives, and business correspondents; information concerning the post office at Dresden, Me.; and papers of the ships Rockaway, Calliope, St. James, and Cuba.

22 oversized folders.


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