Letters received, 1917-1931 (bulk 1928-1930).


Letters received, 1917-1931 (bulk 1928-1930).

The collection comprises 47 letters and cards sent to Raymond Geiger between 1917 and 1931 by twelve correspondents, mainly book illustrators. Most of the letters reflect Geiger's consistent endeavor to encourage and help talented artists to establish themselves in their careers. He writes about their merits in his articles published in the monthly review L'amour de l'art, and also uses his connections in the world of art to recommend the young artists to the Parisian publishers of illustrated books, well known for their high artistic standards as well as for their ill temper. Such is the case of the publisher Henri Babou, whose name appears in many of the letters in this collection. The artists describe their work in progress, their plans for the future and their struggle with the publishers. All of them express their gratitude to Geiger who made possible their achievements. The fifteen letters of Edy Legrand are almost a diary of his life from January 1928 to the end of 1929, which culminates with the publication of his major vork, Pentatoli: "Trois ans de ma vie...trois ans à travers tous les doutes et les pires difficultées." Berthold Mahn sends twelve letters full of projects current and future, which are crowned in 1930 by the simultaneous release of five illustrated books. He thanks Geiger for his elogious article, a prelude of his book about Mahn published by Editions Babou the same year. Ten letters from Hermann Paul (1920-1931) bring last moment information for the study to be published by Geiger about the artist in 1929. A letter from 1931 refers to his position towards Babou and the Légion d'honneur. The collection includes letters received from other artists grateful for Geiger's praise of their works in L'amour de l'art: from Gernèz for his Chemin de Paradis and Génitrix (1917, 1918); from Ceria (1929, 1930) for his illustrations to Martha Bibesco's novel, Catherine-Paris; from Daragnès for his Tristan et Iseult; from Salvador Dali, recently settled in Paris, for Geiger's warm letters, which are "la récompense d'un long effort." Other correspondents are A. E. Marty (1929), the philologist Ferdinand Brunot (1928) and the writer Ignace Legrand (1930), who rejects the "brutale franchise" of Geiger's criticism of his novel and invites him to an open discussion.

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