Oral history interview with Cecil Howard Green, 1994 October 17.


Oral history interview with Cecil Howard Green, 1994 October 17.

Early life. Study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Meeting his wife. Work with Elihu Thompson at General Electric. Business partnership with Eugene McDermott, Eric Jonsson, and H. Bates Peacock to buy Geophysical Services, Incorporated (which would become Texas Instruments). Early use of reflection seismology for geophysical exploration. Work of Victor Vacquier on magnetic submarine detection during the Second World War. Recollections of Walter Munk, Maurice Ewing, Gordon Teal, and Jack Kilby. Development of MIT geophysics center during the 1950s. Philanthropic projects for the University of Sydney and the Colorado School of Mines. Difficulties with the Selective Service and engineering recruitment. Organization of the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest as part of the University of Texas system. Development of the International Deployment of Accelerometers (IDA) project. Death of his wife and the value of friendship. Structure of Texas Instruments.

Sound recording: 4 sound cassettes.Transcipt : 56 p.

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