Papers, Ca. 1895-1951.


Papers, Ca. 1895-1951.

Incoming correspondence, 1896-1951, including numerous letters from French and foreign scientists such as: Georges Darmois, Gustave Ribaud, François Bruhat, Jean Cabannes, André Debierne, Fric, Gabriel Foëx, Ernest Esclangon, François Croze, Pierre Sève, Henri Buisson, Jules Baillaud, John-Paul Mathieu, Paul Langevin, Marie Curie, Pierre Weiss, Pieter Zeeman, and Walter Ritz, as well as Cotton's students Azinières, R. Fortrat, Olivier, and Soury. Also incoming correspondence from his physics teacher Joseph-Denis Izarn, 1842-1925; laboratory notebooks, 1895-1920; notebooks on physics related to the war of 1914-1918; tests and adjustments of the fluxmeter, of the Cotton-Weiss sound-ranging system; documents concerning the adjustment, the installation, and the accounts of the large electro-magnet of Bellevue; military research, 1939-1940; laboratory notes, manuscripts of articles, articles by himself and by his students, biographical notes written after his death.

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Marie Curie, née Maria Sklodowska, was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867, the daughter of a secondary-school teacher. She received a general education in local schools and some scientific training from her father. She became involved in a students’ revolutionary organization and found it prudent to leave Warsaw, then in the part of Poland dominated by Russia, for Cracow, which at that time was under Austrian rule. In 1891, she went to Paris to continue her studies at the Sorbonne where she obta...

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Physicist (Sonar science, molecular structure, magnetic theory, relativity) and administrator. On the physics faculty at Université de Paris (1898-1902); Collège de France (1902-1940); and Ecole de physique et chimie [industrielles] (1905-1926), director (1926-1940). From the description of Papers. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 77594568 ...

Zeeman, Pieter, 1865-1940. (person)

Cotton, Aimé Auguste, 1869-1951. (person)

Major affiliations include: École normale supérieure, Paris, France, 1900-1920; Université de Paris, faculté des sciences, Paris, France, 1920-1941. From the description of Papers, Ca. 1895-1951. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81313218 ...

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Esclangon, Ernest, 1876-1954 (person)