Harold Spencer Jones Papers, 1920-1968.


Harold Spencer Jones Papers, 1920-1968.

Contains: A. Correspondence and records which formed the working papers of the Royal Observatory, maintained in a filing system; B. Documentation of important events and topics, such as the international observation programme to observe the minor planet Eros at its opposition of 1930-1931, to determine the solar parallax; the move of the Royal Observatory from Greenwich to Herstmonceux, 1948-1957; the initiation of the project to construct the Isaac Newton Telescope at Herstmonceux; H M Nautical Almanac Office, an independent office under the Admiralty from ca. 1832, becomes part of the Royal Observatory under the direct control of the Astronomer Royal, 1937; wartime bomb damage to the Greenwich Observatory; war-time work of the Observatory. C. The following is a partial list of the names of correspondents and others as they appear in the handlist to this class of papers in RGO Archives. It must be remembered that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of names as they appear in the papers themselves. Researchers interested in a particular period are invited to write to the RGO Archivist at the above address if they are interested in particular individuals whose names do not appear below, but who could possibly have been in correspondence with the person or institution responsible for creating the class. Correspondents: J. Adams, Miss A. Airy, Sir E. Appleton; A. Ashton; R. Atkinson; Mrs. K. Baxter; A. Blaauw; Prof. Bondi; Charles II (King); Mrs. B. Christian; Sir J. Cockroft; Sir G. Darwin; G. De-Beer; Dr. C. Desch; Sir F. Dyson; Queen Elizabeth II; J. Evershed; Prof. Freundlich; Sir C. Gibb; Mrs. M. Goddard; Sir A. Gordon-Smith; Dr. Y. Haghihara; Dr. E. Hertzsprung; Sir W. Hodge; Dr. A. Hunter; P. Janssen; Dr. Jolly; Prof. Kaminski; Dr. G. Kuiper; M. Marconi; Rev. N. Maskelyne; Prof. J. Mitchell; Mrs. M. Nevill; Sir M. Oliphant; M. Oppenheimer; Prof. Orlov; Sir C. Parsons; Miss C. Penny; C. Perrine; H. Piggot; Prof. H. Plaskett; J. Proudman; Dr. A. Rankine; Herr Schmitt; Dr. Shane; W.H. Shortt; L. Simon; Dr. A. Singh; C.W. Smith; H.M. Smith; Sir H. Spencer-Jones; Dr. H. Stoy; F.W. Thorne; Dr. Trebble; M.A. Tuve; A.M. Uttley; Prof. Whipple; Sir E. Whittaker; R. Wooley; C. Zeiss; Sir S. Zuckerman, among others.

664 pieces.


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