Durlacher Bros. Records, 1919-1973.


Durlacher Bros. Records, 1919-1973.

These are the records of the Durlacher Brothers' New York branch which was managed, then later owned, by R. Kirk Askew, ca. 1923-ca. 1969. Included are stockbooks, correspondence, financial records, photographs, exhibition records, Askew's appointment books, an index card file, and newspaper clippings about the gallery. Two boxes of papers (1 lin. ft.) comprise personal letters addressed to Askew and his wife Constance, mostly from family members, and some personal financial items. So far as is known, George Durlacher destroyed the records of the original London firm when he sold the business to Askew in 1937. Approximately 275 letters, 1920-1938, between R. Kirk Askew (in carbon copies) and the London branch of Durlacher (most with George Durlacher and Adam Paff) detail sales and the movement of stock. Lengthy correspondence with other dealers and curators includes letters to and from Jere Abbott, Tomás Harris, Philip Hofer, and Edward James. Other correspondents include Winslow Ames, A. Everett "Chick" Austin, Vitale Bloch, Eugene Berman, Kurt Hirschland, Perry Rathbone. Two files concern building the collection of the Wm. Rockhill Nelson Museum. One folder contains about 40 letters from F.M. Perkins, dated 1919-1923, addressed to Bernard d'Hendecourt at Durlacher Brothers in London, regarding paintings and collections. Correspondence about the Pavel Tchelitchew estate (.5 lin.ft.) contains letters from Pavel's sister and the lawyer for the estate, along with copies of Askew's letters. Photographs document sold drawings (ca. 3 linear ft.), mostly Old Masters, and the work of Pavel Tchelitchew (linear ft.).

16 linear ft. (41 boxes)


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Henry Durlacher founded the Durlacher Brothers art dealership with his brother George in London in 1843. The New York branch opened in the early 1920s, managed by R. Kirk Askew. He became the owner of Durlacher Brothers in 1937 and ran the business from New York until ca. 1969. George Durlacher, the oldest surviving original partner, retired in 1938. From the description of Durlacher Bros. Records, 1919-1973. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 80804675 London ar...

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Askew, R. Kirk (Ralph Kirk), 1903-1974

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Gallery director. Owned Durlacher Brothers from 1937 through ca. 1969. From the description of R. Kirk Askew papers, 1928-1967. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122389812 ...

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