Archives c. 1868-1900.


Sorge, Friedrich Adolf. Archives c. 1868-1900.

Archives c. 1868-1900.

Correspondence with Johann Philipp Becker 1868-1877, Friedrich Engels 1870-1891, Wilhelm Liebknecht 1870-1900 and others. NB. Originals at the RCChIDNI, Moscow, fund 1, 21, 185, 187 and 200.

2 microfilms.

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Sorge, Friedrich A. (Friedrich Adolf), 1828-1906 (person)

Born in Saxony; took part in the revolution of 1848; emigrated, eventually to the USA in 1852; cofounder of the Communist Club in New York in 1857; founded a section of the International Working Men's Association (IWMA) in 1867; member of the IWMA North American Federation in 1871; secretary of the IWMA's General Council in New York 1872-1874; influential in the Workingmen's Party of the United States 1876 (in 1877: Socialist Labor Party), resigned when Lassalleans took over in 1877; wrote for D...