RMU--Europe notebook #2. [part 2] [graphic] / R.M. Upjohn. [1851-1852]


RMU--Europe notebook #2. [part 2] [graphic] / R.M. Upjohn. [1851-1852]

95 drawings : graphite or ink on paper ; all 7.3 x 11.2 cm. (2 7/8 x 4 3/8 in.)

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Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva (Rome, Italy)

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San Francesco (Church : Assisi, Italy)

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Tilton, J. G.

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Pisa (Italy). Basilica.

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Hadrian's Villa (Tivoli, Italy)

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San Pietro in Montorio (Church : Rome, Italy)

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Ponte Vecchio (Florence, Italy)

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Biblioteca medicea laorenzia.

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Palazzo Madama (Turin, Italy)

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Pantheon (Rome, Italy)

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Casa Alighieri.

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Colosseum (Rome, Italy)

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Upjohn, Richard M. (Richard Michell), 1828-1903

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The Assembly Chamber of the new New York State Capitol, designed by Leopold Eidlitz, was finished in 1879. Structural problems with the ceiling were discovered shortly thereafter. The problem became critical by 1887 and in early 1888 R.M. Upjohn was made a member of a special commission of engineers and architects to study and resolve the situation. At their suggestion, the ceiling and its superstructure were rebuilt from 1888 to 1889. These drawings are, apparently, Upjohn's suggested designs a...