Oral history interview with Dorothy Heyworth, 1979 March 14.


Oral history interview with Dorothy Heyworth, 1979 March 14.

Born in England in 1901, the youngest of three children in a family of modest means. Won scholarship to attend high school and University of Manchester, studying with William L. Bragg. To U.S. as instructor at Mt. Holyoke College, 1925-1929. University of Chicago, 1929-1931; Ph.D. in 1932 for work done under Fredrik Zachariassen. To Wellesley College in 1931; remains there until retirement, serving 12 years as chairman. Little time for research but does some on cosmic rays at MIT in 1930s. Comments on opportunities for women in physics, suitable education for future women scientists and the joys of teaching. Also prominently mentioned are: Elizabeth Laird, Lucy Wilson; American Physical Society, Montreal Star, University of Manchester.

Transcript, 14 pp.


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