Oral history interview with Allen Jorgensen, 1997 May 16.


Jorgensen, Allen. Oral history interview with Allen Jorgensen, 1997 May 16.

Oral history interview with Allen Jorgensen, 1997 May 16.

Family background and upbringing in western Canada, Denmark, and United States; early interest in going to sea; recollections of high school and subsequent experience in American west; work as movie extra; experience at sea during World War II; recollelctions of troop training ship Verma; established tree-care service after War, and initial encounters with Lamont Geological Observatory (LGO). Sails as second officer on Conrad, late 1960s; recollelctions of service as Conrad captain and impressions of ship operations; impressions of Lamont scientists and cultural clashes in late 1960s/early 1970s; recollections of W. Maurice Ewing and Ewing's management of Lamont ships relfections on personal styles of Lamont captains, and recollections of Henry C. Kohler and Robert D. [Sam] Gerard; recollections of deep coring operations at sea; comparisons between Vema and Conrad, and with ships operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and University of Washington; works at Wood Hole (1979-1981) experience at Latin American ports; impressions of retirement of Vema and Conrad and of administration at LGO, 1970s-1980s; recollections of involvement in search for Titanic; recollections of Conrad voyages.

Transcript, 74 pp.

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