Letters to various correspondents, 1686-1719.


Letters to various correspondents, 1686-1719.

The 12 letters, most to unidentified recipients, discuss Bianchini's scholarly and financial concerns. A letter dated 1686 deals with his Hebrew studies and his hopes of employment in the Vatican library. A group of 6 letters written in 1713 describe his financial difficulties and recent travels. His 1717 letter to Giacomo Maraldi contains astronomical observations, particularly of the Jovian moons, as does his 1719 letter to an unidentified astronomer.

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Bianchini, Francesco, 1662-1729

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Francesco Bianchini, scientist, archaeologist and poet who served Alexander VIII and Clement XI as Superintendent of the Fine Arts and Secretary of the Congregation of the Calendar. He published several works, including De Kalendario et cyclo Caesaris, an influential study of the calendar, and was responsible for the construction of the sundial of Santa Maria degli Angelis in Rome. From the description of Letters to various correspondents, 1686-1719. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80...

Maraldi, Giacomo Filippo, 1665-1729

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