Karl M. Otto Paetel papers, 1907-1984.


Paetel, Karl O. (Karl Otto), 1906-. Karl M. Otto Paetel papers, 1907-1984.

Karl M. Otto Paetel papers, 1907-1984.

The Karl O. Paetel papers reflect its owner's many interests including Jugendbewegung (the German Youth Movement), Widerstand (resistance to Hitler), writer Ernst Junger, refugees and exile topics. Paetel was an avid collector of books, pamphlets, periodicals and other materials on the subjects of his interest, many of which have been retained in his collection. The manuscript section contains manuscripts of both Paetel's published and unpublished writings. Included are manuscripts of several of his major published works, numerous essayistic pieces, as well as several volumes in planning stages. The publications section contains originals and copies of Paetel's publications, including a nearly complete set of his essayistic writings and numerous reviews in newspapers, periodicals and books. In his capacity as editor of several periodicals, including Deutsche Blatter, Deutsche Gegenwart and Gesprachsfetzen, Paetel received manuscripts from other writers. The section containing manuscripts by others includes shorter manuscripts by such authors as Paul Amann, Heinz Gollong, Alfred Gong, Paul Hagen, Werner Kindt, Th. Kogler and Robert Koehl and longer manuscripts by Michael Wurmbrand and Frederic McLean. Of significant interest in the collection are Paetel's collections of materials on various topics, including sizable collections on Ernst Junger, Heinz Gollong, Widerstand and Jugendbewegung.

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