Archives 1910-1911.


Turati, Filippo. Archives 1910-1911.

Archives 1910-1911.

Turati's correspondence with his companion Anna Kuliscioff, January 1910 ̄December 1911. NB. Originals at the Biblioteca comunale À. Saffi', Forlí, Italy.

6 microfilms.

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Turati, Filippo, 1857-1932 (person)

Born in Canzo, Como 1857, died in Paris 1932; leading Italian socialist, writer, journalist; his companion from 1885 was Anna Kuliscioff (1854-1925), who was influential in Italian socialism in her own right; founder of the socialist journal Critica Sociale Milan 1891-1926, which he led together with Kuliscioff; Turati was instrumental in the founding of the Partito Socialista Italiano (PSI) in 1892; member of the Italian parliament from 1896; general secretary of the Partito Socialista dei Lavo...