Irv Koons Papers 1946-1996 (bulk 1955-1985).


Irv Koons Papers 1946-1996 (bulk 1955-1985).

The Irv Koons archive includes marketing research studies, business correspondence, public relations files, and material from the designer's packaging courses. In addition to this textual component, the archive contains original artwork, sketches, comprehensives, mock-ups, and final product packaging. The photographic collection contains a set of 6,000 slides, as well as numerous negatives, color transparencies, and prints which document all of Koons's major design projects over the course of his long career as a package designer. The slides are accompanied by a 330 page narrative prepared from Koons's personal notes. There are also approximately 1,350 artifacts consisting of lucite models for bottle designs and numerous product samples, as well as a collection of historical packaging materials that document the evolution of package design and provided Koons with inspiration for his own projects.

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