Letters, 1877-1887.


Schliemann, Heinrich, 1822-1890. Letters, 1877-1887.

Letters, 1877-1887.

Writing to Mr. King, a British colleague (1877 December 24), Schliemann talks about his Mycenaean discoveries and mentions the "Trojan collection" being exhibited at the British Museum. In a letter to Ferdinand Dümmler, written mostly in ancient Greek (1887 May 1), Schliemann acknowledges receipt of Dümmler's letter of 1887 April 22, and of a copy of the journal "Mitteilungen von den Griechischen Insuln," which he looks forward to reading with much pleasure on the next day. He then discusses the everyday problems he is encountering with the Cretans regarding the ruins at Knossos. The palace lies in ruin in an infested marsh which he wishes to have drained. The Cretan archeological committee at Heraklion must give him permission to drain the marsh and has, in his opinion, been thwarting his efforts by saying that nothing can be done. This attitude on their part has reduced Schliemann's willingness to purchase the palace site, for he perceives trickery and annoyances. He ends the letter by stating that the Cretans cannot be trusted for, as the Apostle Paul stated, they always lie.

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Born in Germany, Schliemann lived in several European countries and made his fortune working in international commerce and the export business. Schliemann had no formal training in archaeology, but is best remembered for his excavations of Troy. In 1852 he married a Russian woman, Catherina Lishin, who later refused to leave St. Petersburg or to allow their three children to leave, to travel with Schliemann on business or archaeological pursuits. In 1869 he decided to divorce his wife, and moved...