Oral history interview with Frank M. Bateson, 1985 May 16.


Bateson, Frank M. Oral history interview with Frank M. Bateson, 1985 May 16.

Oral history interview with Frank M. Bateson, 1985 May 16.

Early life in Sydney; interest in astronomy (Halley's Comet, 1910); American astronomers; war years and science in New Zealand Navy; employment in Cook Islands, 1945-1959; manager of a trading concern; contract with Brad Wood, University of Pennsylvania; lecture tour to Canada and the United States (Harlow Shapley, Charles D. Shane), 1957; state of astronomy in New Zealand in the 1920s and now; establishment of Black Birch Observatory in New Zealand; interest in cooperative ventures with the United States; the Mt. John years, funding efforts; 1965 total solar eclipse in Cook Islands; comments on retirement, publications, UFO's and extraterrestrial life; role in Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand.

Transcript: 56 p.

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