Letters received, 1928-1968.


Letters received, 1928-1968.

Collection consists of letters received by Bünemann,1928-1968, from artists, art historians and dealers concerning their work, arranged in alphabetical order. Most notable are: three letters from Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac, 1937, and one letter from Othon Friesz, 1937, expressing thanks for Bünemann's appreciation of their work and interest in purchasing paintings (1937); seven letters from Elisabeth Erdmann-Macke, August Macke's wife, 1939-1968, who writes about the death of her second husband in a concentration camp, discusses the identity of varous paintings by Macke and Franz Marc and reports on exhibitions and her autobiography. With four letters from Macke's son Wolfgang, 1949, concerning the authenticity of a painting attributed to his father and a lecture given by Georg Schneider at the opening of a Marc/Macke exhibition in 1948; one letter from Gabiele Münter, 1947, inviting Bünemann to her home in Murnau; one postcard from Emil Preetorius, 1946, who agrees that Franz Marc was influenced by Persian and Indian miniatures; one letter from Rainer Maria Rilke's wife, Clara Rilke; three letters from Rilke's daughter, Ruth Fritzsche-Rilke, 1928-1952, focusing on Rilke's impressions of Franz Marc's works; and four letters from the painter Otto Th. W. Stein, 1952-1957, discussing the fate of his prewar paintings most of which were destroyed or confiscated by the Nazis. With one letter to Friedrich Ahlers-Hestermann, 1949.

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Gilles, Werner, 1894-1961

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Erdmann-Macke, Elisabeth, 1888-1978

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Macke, Wolfgang

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Rilke, Clara.

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Ahlers-Hestermann, Friedrich

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Stein, Otto Th.W., 1877-1958

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Dunoyer de Segonzac, André, 1884-1974

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French painter and printmaker. From the description of Correspondence and writings, 1903-1973. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 84394054 French painter. From the description of Autograph letter signed, autograph notes on the versos of photographs signed (2), autograph greeting cards signed (2), and autograph postal card signed : Paris and St. Tropez, to John Rewald, 1956 Jan. 20-1972 Jan. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270870701 ...

Fritzsche-Rilke, Ruth.

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Nicolai, Carl.

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Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926

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Rilke wrote to Werfel in 1913 after reading Werfel's first 2 books of poems, Der Weltfreund and Wir sind. They met for the first time in the same year. Ruth Siebe-Rilke was the daughter of Rilke and Clara Westhoff; here she signs her name Ruth Fritzsche-Rilke. She was at that time the administrator of the Rilke family archive, located in Fischerhude, near Bremen, Germany. (More recently the archive has been located in Gernsbach.) From the description of Correspondence with Franz Werf...

Friesz, Achille-Emile-Othon, 1879-1949

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French painter. From the description of Letters, notes and essays, ca. 1905-1939. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 84436941 ...

Marc, Franz, 1880-1916

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Bünemann, Hermann, 1895-

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German art historian and critic. From the description of Letters received, 1928-1968. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 78776160 ...

Macke, August, 1887-1914

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Münter, Gabriele, 1877-1962

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Preetorius, Emil, 1883-1973

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