Albert Renger-Patzsch papers, 1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966).


Albert Renger-Patzsch papers, 1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966).

The archive documents Renger-Patzsch's professional life, especially his work on book projects and commissions for industrial firms. It also includes technical details of his photographic workshop, and provides insight into his artistic views on photography as an independent art form, and on the aesthetic trends in photography in economically prosperous post-war Germany. Of particular interest are his views on the increasingly dominant role of commercial and color photography in the public media. The main portion of the archive (7 linear ft.) consists of post-war correspondence; a relatively small part (0.5 linear ft. or ca. 250 items) dates from the time before the war. Set apart is the predominantly business-related correspondence of Renger-Patzsch's widow Agnes and his son Ernst, mostly dealing with the administration of Renger-Patzsch's estate, and family correspondence of Renger-Patzsch, mainly letters from his mother Frieda. Two separate groups of correspondence are organized by topic. The archive includes ca. 30 mss. drafts of mostly unpublished lectures and articles by Renger-Patzsch. Ephemeral publications, newspaper clippings and offprints (ca. 1 linear ft.) provide information about the scope and reception of Renger-Patzsch's photographic work before and after the war, his work on book projects, exhibitions, and other professional activities. Also included are personal documents, such as certificates and diplomas, of Renger-Patzsch and his family, a few portrait photographs taken by his daughter Sabine, poems by two unidentified authors, and business-related and personal bills and receipts (0.5 linear ft.). A distinct part of the archive consists of drafts of texts about Renger-Patzsch by other authors, drafts of introductions to his books, and miscellaneous writings, pre- and postwar, including an annotated typescript by Theodor Riewerts titled "Ein Maler und ein Photograph", nine texts by the ecologist Hugo Hertwig, a draft for the book "Wegweisung der Technik" by Rudolf Schwarz, and a treatment for a movie by an unknown author.

12 linear ft. (24 boxes)


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