[Map of the area later bounded by 24th and 28th Streets, Lexington and 6th Avenues, Manhattan, New York (N.Y.)]. [between 1833 and 1835]


Lockman, DeWitt McClellan, 1870-1957,. [Map of the area later bounded by 24th and 28th Streets, Lexington and 6th Avenues, Manhattan, New York (N.Y.)].

[Map of the area later bounded by 24th and 28th Streets, Lexington and 6th Avenues, Manhattan, New York (N.Y.)]. [between 1833 and 1835]

1 map on 3 assembled sheets : ms., col. ; 70 x 153 cm.

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Elting, William H.

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Davis, Thomas E., Manhattan property owner.

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James, William, Manhattan property owner.

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Stilwell, Silas M. (Silas Moore), 1800-1881

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Cross, Isaac.

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Hamilton, James A. (James Alexander), 1788-1878

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Lawyer. From the description of Letters of James A. Hamilton, 1817-1829. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79450738 Son of Alexander Hamilton. Although he always held to his father's beliefs in matters of fiscal policy, in his earlier years James Hamilton was an active member of the Democratic Party. In late 1827 he was sent as a delegate of the Tammany Society to the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans. He travelled to Andrew Jackson's home near Nashvil...

Cleland, James Edward

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Doughty, Edwd. (Edward), surveyor.

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Gaghran, Terence.

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Ruggles, Samuel B. (Samuel Bulkley), 1800-1881

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Samuel Bulkley Ruggles (1800-1881) was a lawyer, public servant and real estate developer in New York City. He actively promoted public works such as the Croton Aqueduct system to bring water to New York City. As Canal Commissioner, 1839-1858, he worked to improve the Erie Canal system. He also served as a trustee of Columbia College and the Astor Library From the guide to the Samuel B. Ruggles papers, 1801-1881, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) ...

Coulthard, Susan

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House of Refuge (New York, N. Y.)

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Murray, James, 1814-

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Williams, Ebenezer, 1921-2001

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Livingston, Charles S.

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Watts, John, Manhattan property owner

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Smith, Morgan L., Manhattan property owner.

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Schieffelin, R. L.

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Edwards, Ogden, 1781-1862

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Ogden Edwards (1781-1862), jurist and legislator, son of Pierpont Edwards (1750-1826)and Frances Ogden. A native of Connecticut, he moved to New York in the early 1800s. Edwards served as surrogate of the County of New York (1807), member of the New York Assembly (1814 and 1817), counsel for the Corporation of New York (1816-1822), member of the N.Y. State constitutional convention (1821), and judge of the 1st Circuit in the State of New York, 1822-1841. In 1846, he unsuccessfully r...

Rathbone, John Finley, 1819-

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Klauberg, Carl.

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Ward, R. R., Manhattan property owner.

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Varian, Isaac

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Stevens, Thomas L., Manhattan property owner.

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Semler, John R.

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Dikeman, Jemima.

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Adriance, Isaac.

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Sedgwick, Robert, 1787-1841

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Lockman, DeWitt McClellan, 1870-1957

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American artist; president of the National Academy of Design. From the description of DeWitt M. Lockman interviews with artists, 1927. (New York University). WorldCat record id: 475906995 DeWitt Lockman was a portrait painter, New York, N.Y. He studied in Europe, 1891-1892 and 1901-1902; a pupil of James H. Beard, Nelson N. Bickford and William Sartain; and was president of the National Academy of Design and records secretary of the New York Historical Society. F...