Joachim Bonnemaison collection of panorama photographs. 1803-1998


Joachim Bonnemaison collection of panorama photographs. 1803-1998

The collection, compiled by the French artist and collector Joachim Bonnemaison, consists of over 630 photographic and printed panoramic images of cities and sites mainly in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia, North America and South America. The panoramas are arranged alphabetically by continent, then country, and then by photographer. Over half of the photographs are of locales and scenes in France. Also included is a small group of photographs relating to the painted panorama. The panoramas in the collection are made in the most popular nineteenth-and early twentieth-century photographic media, as well as in a number of rare and early techniques. Photographic processes present in the collection include salted paper, albumen, collodion, carbon, and gelatin silver prints, as well as cyanotypes. There are also three photographic paper negatives in the collection, two of which were made by Gustave de Beaucorp in 1859, and the third by Léon Méhédin, circa 1862. The collection also contains a small number of contemporary anamorphosis photographs made by its compiler, Joachim Bonnemaison, who experimented with combining reconstructions of 19th century panoramic cameras and digital processing.

72.5 linear ft. (24 boxes, 47 flat files)

fre, Latn


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