James Kent autograph notes signed to Samuel Jones.


Kent, James, 1763-1847. James Kent autograph notes signed to Samuel Jones.

James Kent autograph notes signed to Samuel Jones.

Manuscript notes written by James Kent to Samuel Jones. The first requests the pleadings in a particular case and is dated June 7, 1826. The second recommends a colleague from South Carolina to be admitted as counsel in the New York Court of Chancery; signed by Kent and dated July 27, 1827.

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These maps were compiled over a period of years by Chancellor Kent, a well-known American jurist who was a dominant state supreme court judge in New York throughout the Federalist era. The extensive manuscript annotations are in his hand. These notes are often dated, some as early as the 1820s and others as late as 1840. It is unclear what prompted Kent to assemble this volume, but a possible reason was his interest in missionary activities, often referred to in the notes, which display an intim...