Papers of F.T. Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, 1902-1965 (bulk 1920-1939)


Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 1876-1944. Papers of F.T. Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, 1902-1965 (bulk 1920-1939)

Papers of F.T. Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, 1902-1965 (bulk 1920-1939)

Collection offers a view of F.T. Marinetti in the ceremonial role he played during Futurism's second phase. Includes minor manifesto manuscripts, generally typewritten, sometimes translated or excerpted; a number of minor literary manuscripts; and 20,000 slides that reproduce the contents of Marinetti's five scrapbooks. Material on Benedetta includes handwritten corrected drafts of her three novels, and a number of essays and speeches on women and art, women and Fascism, Futurism, and Marinetti. Some correspondence suggests the central role that Marinetti and Benedetta played relative to the other Futurists, whose activities the collection selectively documents via manuscripts, photos, clippings, slides, posters, scrapbooks, and musical scores. Series I, Manuscripts and correspondence of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (2 linear ft.). Most of the material dates from the 1920s and 1930s and reflects Marinetti's sustained endeavor to reconcile Fascism with Futurism. Manuscripts include minor pieces on individual Futurist artists; two translated, excerpted versions of Destruction de la syntaxe; open letters to Hitler and Mussolini; critiques of Einstein and Joyce; and reflections on political issues. Seven manuscripts are identified as speeches, on such topics as Prampolini's portrait of Benito Mussolini, the death of Bruno Mussolini, art, and aviation. Literary manuscripts include reprint proofs of Re baldoria, corrected proofs of La città carnale, and of short stories, scripts and poems. Correspondence consists of letters, contracts and receipts from his publishers; letters from fellow Futurists (scattered to 1944; approx. 100 items); and a group of love letters from women, including Ada Chio (1902-1910; approx. 85 items). Series II, Manuscripts and correspondence of Benedetta Cappa Marinetti (2 linear ft.). Manuscripts include handwritten drafts of Benedetta's three novels and approximately 25 speeches and essays on topics such as women and Fascism, women and art, Futurism, Futurist artists, and Marinetti. Correspondence includes letters to her brother, Alberto Cappa, and mother, Amalia Cappa (1920s; approx. 100 items), and letters to Marinetti at the Front (1942; approx. 50 items). Other correspondence is with the Malbins, Sidney Janis, and others about the sale of the Marinetti collection of Futurist paintings (1945-1957; approx. 140 items) or regards Boccioni's work for sale and on exhibition, including the 1949 MOMA exhibition of 20th century Italian art (1947-1962; approx. 90 items); also correspondence with Futurists (1946-1960s; approx. 150 items). Series III, Assorted manuscripts and correspondence. Writings to or by persons other than Marinetti and Benedetta, including Futurist colleagues, friends, and family members; arranged alphabetically. The Alberto Cappa correspondence (1919-1932; approx. 400 letters; 2 linear ft.) contains letters from women friends; letters from his mother, Amalia Cappa; two letters and a telegram from Marinetti; and other personal and professional correspondence; also two diaries (1932 and 1941). Remaining material in this series (1.5 linear ft.) consists of manifestoes, essays, poems, and letters by some 30 individuals, including Eva Amendola (pseud. Magamal), Boccioni, Severini, Farfa, Tato, Balla, D'Annunzio, Masnata, and several unidentified authors. One file in this series, containing correspondence with the Japanese Ambassador, Shirokuro Hidaka, is closed until 2017. Series IV, Futurist music. Eleven handwritten or printed scores by Pratella, Mix, Campanini, Brizzi, Windisch, Mascagni, Casavola, Cangiullo & Cioffi, and Sciorilli. There is also a 78 rpm recording by Aldo Giuntini, Gli eroi della nostra guerra, presented by Marinetti, 1936 (cassette recording also available). Series V, Newspaper clippings (1.5 linear ft.). Clippings assembled by Marinetti (and Benedetta?) attest to his publication record first as a poet and reviewer in France and Italy and later as a propagandist for Fascism. Arranged according to subject matter. Series VI, Lantern slides (2.5 linear ft.). Thirteen lantern slides of Futurist art, architecture, and exhibitions (some damaged). Series VII, Photographs (approx. 1,000 items). Images of Futurist art, architecture, and exhibitions (1.5 linear ft.) are arranged in individual folders representing 28 artists, with images representing many more artists grouped together. Coverage of Boccioni and Tato is especially comprehensive. Some photographs signed or annotated; duplicated throughout. Together with personal photographs (1 linear ft.) portraying Marinetti and Benedetta at artistic and political gatherings in the 1920s and 1930s; some photos of individual Futurist colleagues are signed. Also a small number of family photographs. Series VIII, Libroni. Very large scrapbooks compiled by Marinetti and Benedetta contain international clippings about Futurist exhibitions, publications and political activities. Marinetti's five scrapbooks available on 20,000 slides, arranged chronologically. Benedetta's single scrapbook, in its original form, focuses on reviews of her novels and paintings and articles about her public appearances, arranged chronologically. Includes clippings of some articles that are contained in draft form in Series II, such as Donna della patria in guerra. Series IX, Posters and oversized items. Six posters advertise some of Marinetti's activities between 1914 and 1942, including his Russian tour, a speech at the Istituto de cultura fascista, and a performance of L'oceano del cuore. One poster, by Farfa, was sent to Benedetta in 1956. Also miscellaneous material regarding war or Futurism.

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