Relics and reliquaries collection, 1795-1999.


Relics and reliquaries collection, 1795-1999.

This collection of 170 reliquaries holds relics of a variety of saints. These include first-class relics, second-class relics, and third-class relics. The reliquaries are made of a variety of metals, wood, and fabric, and many are ornate in design. Many of the reliquaries are decorated with fabric, jewels, and paper ornamentation. Most of the relics have been sealed into the reliquary with a wax seal, denoting the bishop that authenticated the relic. This collection also includes documentation for many of the relics. These documents authenticate the relics as being genuine, identify the saints, give physical descriptions of the reliquaries to assist in identification, and forbid the sale of the relics. This collection includes documentation that does not match any of the relics in the collection. Some of the relics in this collection do not have accompanying documentation, or insufficient description was given to provide certain correlation between the documents and the relics. This has been denoted on the item list.

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University of Dayton, Roesch Library

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Hary, Nicoletta Mattioli, 1927-.... (person)

American librarian. From the description of The Vatican Library and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace : the history, the impact, and the influence of their collaboration in 1927-1947 : typescript, 1991 / Nicoletta Mattioli Hary. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122500840 In common terminology, there are three kinds of relics of saints. First-class relics are the physical remains of a saint, usually bone. Second-class relics are items worn or used by a saint, such ...

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F. de Chantal (Frances de Chantal), 1875- (person)

Elizabeth, of Hungary, Saint, 1207-1231 (person)

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Claret y Clará, Antonio María, Saint, 1807-1870. (person)

Clare, of, Assisi, Saint, 1194-1253 (person)

Simon, the Apostle, Saint (person)

Goretti, Maria, Saint, 1890-1902 (person)

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Agatha, Saint, -approximately 250 (person)

De Sanctis, Michael E. (person)

Felicity, Saint, d. 203 (person)

Vincent de Paul, saint, 1581-1660 (person)

Jude, saint (person)

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Pius X, Pope, 1835-1914 (person)

Peter Martyr, Saint, approximately 1205-1252 (person)

Patrick, Saint, 373?-463? (person)

Seton, Elizabeth Ann, Saint, 1774-1821 (person)

Elizabeth Ann Bayley was born in New York City in 1774. She married William Magee Seton, a New York merchant, in 1794. In 1797, with Isabella Graham and others, she founded a society for the relief of widows, the first charitable organization in New York City. Her husband died in 1803. In 1805 she converted to Catholicism, and in 1808 she began a girls' school in Baltimore, Maryland. In the spring of 1809 she and four others formed a community called Sisters of St. Joseph. That summer they moved...

Stephen, Saint, d. ca. 36 (person)

Anne (Mother of the Virgin Mary), Saint (person)

Laurence, Saint, of Rome, -258 (person)

Hyacinth, Saint, 1185-1257 (person)

Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459 (person)

John the Baptist, Saint (person)

Philomena (person)

Rose, of Lima, Saint, 1586-1617 (person)

Labouré, Catherine, Saint, 1806-1876 (person)

French saint born in 1806 was a Sister of Charity who received the apparitions of the Miraculous Medal. From the description of Collection, 1947-1958. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155470742 ...

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