Oral history interview with Janet Brown Guernsey, 1977 June 29.


Oral history interview with Janet Brown Guernsey, 1977 June 29.

Early life and family background in Pittsburgh; elementary and secondary education at Germantown Friends School. Decision to attend Wellesley College as physics major. Discussion of college, 1931-1935; subsequent marriage. Return to Wellesley as instructor, 1942-1945. After WWII stayed on at Wellesley while attending graduate program at Harvard, 1945-1948. Work toward Ph. D. at MIT, 1948-1955. Role of home life, husband, her five children. Evaluation of Wellesley, personal research. History of American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), role as officer and president, 1973-1977. Reflections on physics teaching and women in physics. Also prominently mentioned are: Bennett, Niels Henrik David Bohr, Clarence M. Brown, Clark Goodman, William Guernsey, Ted Hunt, Allen King, Louise McDowell, Helen Russell, Al Wattenberg; Baldwin School, Eastern Association of Physics Teachers, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rockefeller Generator.

Transcript, 46 p.


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