Letters to Ruth Page, 1929-1972.


Bolm, Adolf, 1884-1951. Letters to Ruth Page, 1929-1972.

Letters to Ruth Page, 1929-1972.

Correspondents include Adolf and Beatta Bolm, Claudia Cassidy, Vincenzo Celli, Madeleine Clavé, Whiteford Cole, André Delfau, Anton Dolin, Thomas Fisher, Isaac Van Grove, Henri Prunieres, J. Blake Scott, George Skibine/Harkness House, Hubert Stowitts, Mark Turbyfill, Friedrich Wilckens, and others. Correspondence concerns concert arrangements, music, costume designs, professional news, and some personal exchanges.

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Fisher, Thomas.

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Merchant of Baltimore, Maryland. From the description of Papers, 1798-1811. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122498101 ...

Cassidy, Claudia

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Chicago performing arts critic. From the description of Claudia Cassidy, papers ca. 1880-1996, bulk 1930-1985. (Newberry Library). WorldCat record id: 183193911 ...

Page, Ruth

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Ruth Page, American dancer, choreographer, and director of ballet companies, was born in 1899, the daughter of a physician in Indiana. Her dance studies began with local teachers in Indianapolis. Like many a young girl, she was inspired by seeing Anna Pavlova perform, and actually did perform with the legendary dancer's troupe during a tour to South America in 1918. Her training continued in Chicago with Adolph Bolm who created The Birthday of the Infanta for her, dancing the role with Bolm's Ba...

Skibine, George, 1920-1981

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Bolm, Adolf, 1884-1951

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Adolph Bolm (b. Sept. 25, 1884 in St. Petersburg, Russia; d. April 18, 1951 in Hollywood, Calif.) was a ballet dancer, choreographer, ballet master, and dance teacher. From the description of Adolph Bolm collection, 1895-1982 (bulk 1908-1948). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 671239720 Biographical Note Adolph Bolm was born in St. Petersburg in 1884, entered the Imperial Ballet School in 1894, and became a dancer with the M...

Wilckens, Friedrich, 1899-1986

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Harkness House for Ballet Arts (New York, N.Y.)

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Delfau, André 1914-....

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Cole, Whiteford.

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Dolin, Anton.

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Turbyfill, Mark, 1896-1990

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Chicago dancer, poet and painter. From the description of Mark Turbyfill papers, 1911-1985. (Newberry Library). WorldCat record id: 317711431 Mark Turbyfill was born in Oklahoma in 1896 and educated in local schools there until he moved to Chicago at the age of 14. He attended high school in Chicago and remained in the city to pursue poetry and dancing. His early poems were somewhat in the Imagist style, but he also wrote satires in free verse. His most famous poems are Livi...

Prunières, Henry, 1886-1942

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Clavé, Madeliene.

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Scott, J. Blake

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Van Grove, Isaac

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