Ernst August Hagen annotated page proofs of Max von Schenkendorf's Gedichte (1862), ca. 1862-1878.


Ernst August Hagen annotated page proofs of Max von Schenkendorf's Gedichte (1862), ca. 1862-1878.

Bound page proofs of the 3rd edition of Max von Schenkendorf's Gedichte (Stuttgart: Cotta, 1862), annotated by Ernst August Hagen, the editor, with additional leaves of Hagen's notes bound in at back. The book's preliminaries differ from the 3rd edition, with the words Third edition, the dedication to Augusta von Preussen, and the dedicatory poem all handwritten by Hagen (title page recto and verso). Two notes by Hagen on the title page concern the preparation of the 5th edition (1878): one recording the date proof pages (Korrekturbogen) were sent to Stuttgart, 5 October 1877; and the other referring to the editorship of the 5th edition (he dates it 1877) as being assumed by Dr. W. Vollmer after Hagen's withdrawal (Zurückziehung). Hagen's notes elsewhere also refer to Vollmer (p. 250, 522), and two leaves bound in at back (Zu den Noten; Weitere Nachrichten erster Drucke) are evidently in Vollmer's hand, with annotations by Hagen. In one case Hagen initials his remarks (A.H.; on verso); and the content of Vollmer's note is also copied by Hagen into the book proper (Abschrift von Vollmer's undeutlicher Handschrift; p. 510-511). Some of Hagen's handwritten emendations in the body of the book are reflected in the 3rd edition as published (p. 142, 143, 513), while others appear for the first time in the 5th edition (p. 5, 36, 137, 179, 415), including a footnote (written here on the title page) concerning Hagen's biography of Schenkendorf, published in 1863. Some emendations are reflected in neither the 3rd nor the 5th edition (p. 24, note 2; p. 128). Hagen's narrative annotations often appear to be for his own reference (p. 250-251), including instances (p. 102, 295) in which he refers to his own additional notes at back, which are paginated in his hand. In the table of contents, numbers noted by hand to the right of the printed page numbers correspond in most cases to the pagination of the 5th edition; the last added leaf at back likewise concerns the new pagination. Of the other material bound in at back, four smaller leaves comprise a list of poems that were set to music, with composer noted; other leaves contain pertinent references and quotations from secondary literature or published correspondence, including one in French. Some of the inserted leaves are blank except for printing on the verso showing that they were cut from letterhead of the journal Neue Preussische Provinzial-Blätter, which Hagen edited from 1846 to 1857. Tipped in on the last flyleaf is Hagen's membership card for the Literarisches Kränzchen (literary circle), Königsberg, dated 1864-1865.

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