Milledge Family papers, 1742-1851


Milledge, John, 1721-1781. Milledge Family papers, 1742-1851

Milledge Family papers, 1742-1851

This collection contains the papers of John Milledge I, John Milledge II, and John Milledge III. They are divided into the following groups: personal papers, legal documents, miscellaneous, and photocopies. The last three folders contain photocopies of some of the papers of John Milledge II held by various institutions. The collection also includes a microfilm reel of Milledge correspondence belonging to the Duke University Library.

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Oglethorpe, James Edward, 1696-1785 (person)

James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785) was an English statesman and soldier who served as a member of Parliament for thirty-two years. His interest in penal reform coupled with his humanitarian bent and support for imperial expansion led him to conceive of and establish the American colony of Georgia, where newly freed and unemployed debtors from England were to be sent. In addition to his political and philanthropic interests, Oglethorpe was active in the military, attaining the rank of General an...

Stephens, William, 1752-1819. (person)

William Stephens (1752-1819) was born in Savannah, the son of Newdigate and Frances (Milledge) Stephens and grandson of William Stephens, Secretary to the Georgia Trustees in Georgia and Georgia's first president. William Stephens II was an eminent lawyer and jurist, as well of Judge of the U.S. District Court. From the description of William Stephens papers, 1781-1818 (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 76945106 Born January 1752 at Beaulieu (near Savannah) of...

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Milledge, John, 1721-1781 (person)

John Milledge I (ca. 1721-1781) came in the first group of settlers to Georgia in February, 1733, along with his parents, brothers, and sisters. His father died in July, 1733, and his mother died in June, 1734. John, being the oldest, took charge of the family. He went back to England for a short period, soon returned to Georgia. James Edward Oglethorpe took an interest in him and in 1741 had Milledge appointed as overseer for a "certain public work." In 1742, he was appointed Captain of Rangers...

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John Milledge, II (1757-1818) was born in Savannah, Georgia, the only son of John Milledge (1721-1781) and Ann (Smith) Milledge. A prominent lawyer, Milledge sided with the patriots and fought in the Revolutionary War, served as Attorney-General of Georgia in 1780, as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives (1782-1790), as a member of the United States Congress (1792-1801), as Governor of Georgia (1802- 1806), and as a United States Senator (1806-1809). In 1801, Milledge purchased a 633...

Habersham, Richard Wylly, 1786-1842 (person)

Richard Wylly Habersham was a son of James Habersham, Jr. Born in Savannah on December 10, 1786, he graduated from Princeton College in 1805. He was a lawyer, U.S. Attorney General, member of the Georgia House of Representatives, and was elected as a member of the 26th and 27th Congress from 1839 until 1842, when he died in Clarksville, Georgia. From the description of Richard Wylly Habersham letter, 1831. (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 80201907 ...

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