Records of the Lewis Webster Jones Administration Group I: Administrative Records, 1951-1959.


Records of the Lewis Webster Jones Administration Group I: Administrative Records, 1951-1959.

The presidential records of Lewis Webster Jones consist of 29 manuscript boxes spanning 1951-1958. The files are divided into two main groups; University Files and Subject Files. The University Files consist mainly of letters from the university departments, procedural information concerning the university?s schools and executive plans. The Subject Files pertain to the more personal nature of the president's job containing correspondence to and from colleagues, faculty, other universities and federal agencies as well as other matters.

11.6 cubic feet (29 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)


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When Lewis Webster Jones arrived at Rutgers in early September 1951, the University was at a crossroads. For some time there had been discussion about making Rutgers the state university of New Jersey, but no action had taken place. He led the University during an enrollment boom brought by the end of World War II and the GI Bill. Rutgers was not equipped to handle the increased numbers and required expansion. The first major issue Jones dealt with was the reorganization...

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