Turkish political poster collection, 1945-1978 and undated.


Turkish political poster collection, 1945-1978 and undated.

Turkish political poster collection, 1945-1978 and undated.

Collection comprises 97 political posters, including one duplicate. There are four series of posters, including the Korean War, NATO, Historic significance, and Leftist. In the first, fourteen posters extoll the achievements of the Turkish Armed Forces command or Turkish Brigade in the Korean War between November 1950 and July 1953. These posters show battle scenes and portraits of Brigadier General Tahzin Yazıcı and assistant Brigade commander Celâl Dora. Another shows an American officer, General Walker, decorating Yazıcı with the Silver Star. Nine of these posters are signed by graphic artists, including M. Işık, Cemal Baki, and Mehmet Tekdal; the remainder are unsigned. In the second series, one poster represents Turkey's relationship to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and another reflects the naval and air force maneuvers of NATO's Southern Command, Greece, and Turkey at Weld Fast in 1953, which were designed to test the training and co-operation of their forces. Individuals represented in the second poster include military leaders Nurettin Baransel, Willard G. Wyman, Stylianos Kitrilakis, and Alezandros Karadimitropoulos. The third series includes 17 posters that celebrate events of historic national significance and depict international political figures together with Turkish leaders. Within the series, there are six posters celebrating the annexation of Hatay State into Turkey as Hatay province, one depicting Atatürk and Mustafa İsmet İnönü on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Revolution, one showing U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower shaking hands with Celâl Bayar, and another image of Winston Churchill shaking hands with İnönü. Within this series, 11 posters are signed by artist Mehmet Bakı (some M. Bakı); the others are not signed. The final series contains 63 leftist political posters (plus one duplicate) with political slogans, as well as calls for meetings and demonstrations. Most date from the second half of the 1970's, a period when the political climate was influenced by inflation, unemployment, and political violence. The slogans attack "fascist" and capitalist politics and denounce poverty. One poster contains a portrait of the Luis Corvalá́n, the former general secretary of the Communist party of Chile. Three others promote "Health Week 1977," which was organized by the Istanbul Tabip Odasi (Istanbul Medical Chamber). Political organizations named on the posters include, but are not limited to, Türkiye Isçi Partisi, Türkiye Sosyalist Isçi Partisi (TSIP), Türkiye Sağlık Işçileri Sendikası. One poster shows a portrait of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, a well-known political prisoner active in the Communist movement, together with a portrait of of Aşık Emekçi, a singer. In this series symbols such as raised fists, fists smashing a svastika, broken chains, and silhouettes of workers' faces abound.

97 items (7.0 lin. ft.)

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