Oral history interviews with Sam Green, 2007-2009, undated.


Oral history interviews with Sam Green, 2007-2009, undated.

Two interviews of Sam Green conducted by Jane Tippett and an unknown male, possibly Hugo Vickers. Green speaks of his childhood in Mass., his family's early New England and New York antecedents, and his education at the Rhode Island School of Design. He reminisces about his early employment at the Green Gallery, which led to his introduction to Burton and Emily Tremaine and his first encounter with Andy Warhol. He further discusses being appointed director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia in 1965, where he staged Warhol's first retrospective, and his later appointment as a cultural advisor to New York City by Mayor John V. Lindsay. Green discusses organizing "Sculpture and Environment" exhibition, sponsored by the city, specifically the display of Barnet Newman's, "Broken Obelisk," (1963). Green discusses the installation of a large Eastern Island Moai Head, which he displayed in hopes of raising awareness to the planned conversion of Easter Island into a jet-refueling station. He discusses his real estate investments, specifically his home in Cartagena, Columbia, and an Upper East Side apartment. The remainder of the interview details Green's notable social relations with celebrity figures including Peter Allen and Liza Minnelli, Barbara Baekeland, Brigid Berlin, Cecil Beaton, Candy Darling, Cyrinda Fox, Greta Garbo, and the Lennon-Ono family. He elaborates specifically on his relationship with Garbo, and his first encounter with Garbo at Cecille de Rothschild's home in the south of France. He also summarizes his work establishing the Landmarks Foundations, designed to preserve "sacred sites" on a global scale.

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