Jack T. Llewellyn letters, 1907-1912.


Llewellyn, Jack T. Jack T. Llewellyn letters, 1907-1912.

Jack T. Llewellyn letters, 1907-1912.

Collection comprises personal letters Llewellyn wrote to Georgia Woodley Goodwin during his appointment. He commented generally about weather conditions and the rainy season, sports gatherings of British expatriates, an outbreak of cholera and his own battles with malaria, and privacy issues with the postal service. Although apparantly both were reluctant to declare their relationship, he and Goodwin were romantically involved. llewelyn wrote of the impropriety, according to English social customs of the time, of the familiarity they observed in their correspondence, although he did not understand why he should not "talk to her as one would a chum of one's own sex" (1910 July 12). Specific events he commented upon included the death of Britain's King Edward VII in 1910, the trial of Marguerite-Jeanne Steinheil in France, the introduction of airplanes to England. He discussed the ascension to the throne of Thailand's King Rama VI in 1910, whom Llewellyn had met during his time at Oxford, and considered the expectations regarding that ruler's marriage and family life. Near the end of Llewellyn's term in Thailand he described an accident where he was nearly crushed by logs dropped by an elephant, and the American missionaries who cared for him. He mentioned very little about his forestry work, beyond surveying attempts.

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