John C. Winsmith papers, 1773-1878.


John C. Winsmith papers, 1773-1878.

Chiefly land papers and speeches, including some correspondence; incomplete portion of letter, ca. 25 June 1800 (Warrenton, N.C.), from Nath[aniel] Mason to William Smith (near Spartanburg, S.C., discussing the presidential and vice-presidential election and advising that "much in the next Presidential election depends on the two Carolinas"; papers relating to the Nullification controversy include an address, [1831], to the voters of Spartanburg District written in his capacity as a member of the States Rights and Free Trade Association, stating his conception of, and belief in the doctrine of nullification, and explaining the principles of States Rights and Free Trade Association, "Let us strike for liberty, the constitution, [and] union, not with the sword or the bayonet but with the more powerful and invincible weapons of reason and of truth." Patriotic address presented on 4 July 1843 [incomplete], written for the citizens of Spartanburg and Union Districts, S.C., recalling events of the Revolution and early national period, extolling the founding fathers and patriots of the Revolution, and reminding citizens of their responsibility "to exercise sound discretion in selecting persons to represent them in the different departments of government"; letter, 13 Apr. 1847, from Camp Hill near Glen Springs (Spartanburg District, S.C.) from "Your dear wife Cate,"[ Catherine Elizabeth Faber Winsmith] (commenting re her visit to Charleston and the health of their children, inquiring re matters at home, and indicating her desire to expand their house and purchase new furniture). Printed broadside, 22 Sept. 1860 (Camp Hill), "Dr. Winsmith's Reply To The Voters of Spartanburg District," explaining his vote against the Railroad Tax Bill and refuting statements made against him by Col. James Farrow; and 3 items documenting Winsmith's service as a member of the Electoral College dating to the controversial election of 1876, dated, 22 Nov., 6 Dec., and 22 Dec. 1876.

20 items.

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John Winsmith was born John Winn Smith in the upstate near Glenn Springs, S.C.; from 1822 to 1825, he attended and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; upon his return to S.C., he practiced medicine in Spartanburg and Union Districts. An act of the South Carolina Legislature changed his name from John Winn Smith to John Winsmith. He represented Spartanburg District in the S.C. legislature from 1830 to 1832 and again from 1852 to 1862 and 1865-1866. He also served as ...