Whiteley's Warblers, 1967 June 6.


Whiteley's Warblers, 1967 June 6.

Black and white photograph of the "Whitely Warblers." They were a group of boys from Martha Whiteley's homeroom class at Mary E. Taylor Middle School in Camden, Me., that sang two and three part music. Front row from left: John McGowan (father Horace was principal in 1964), Martin Cates, David Koegle, Ken Gross. Back row: ? Grinnell, John Umberger, Peter Gross, Mark Philbrook, and Dell Hyssong.

1 color photograph.

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Umberger, John

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Whitey's Warblers (Mary E. Taylor Middle School)

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Mary E. Taylor Middle School (Camden, Me.)

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Cates, Martin

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Gross, Peter Miller

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Hyssong, Dell

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Gross, Ken

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Koegle, David

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Philbrook, Mark

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McGowan, John, 1953-

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John and Thomas Henry McGowan set up as grocers and general storekeepers in the Richmond District, and the former later became an innkeeper. From the description of Records. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225756836 ...