Testimonial letter to J.S. Morgan : New York, 1877 October 12.


Belmont, August, 1816-1890. Testimonial letter to J.S. Morgan : New York, 1877 October 12.

Testimonial letter to J.S. Morgan : New York, 1877 October 12.

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Belmont, August, 1816-1890.

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Morgan, Edwin D. (Edwin Denison), 1811-1883

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New York governor, 1859-1863. From the description of Letter : Albany, [N.Y.], to Abraham Lincoln, Washington, D.C., 1862 Jan. 10. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 30798399 Governor of New York, U.S. Senator, major general, merchant. From the description of Letter, 1867 November 71. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122458844 U.S. senator from New York, U.S. army officer, governor of New York, and businessman. From the...

Morgan, Junius Spencer, 1813-1890

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Born in 1813, Junius Spencer Morgan began his career first as a partner with the firm Morris Ketchum in New York, and then as a partner with Howe, Mather & Co. in Hartford. In 1836, he married Juliet Pierpont; the couple relocated their family to Boston in 1850 when Morgan joined the firm J.M. Beebe & Co. It is during these years that he attracted the attention of George Peabody, an American banker in London. Morgan was invited to become a partner at George Peabody & Co. in 1854. Thi...

Low, Abiel Abbott, 1811-1893.

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Field, Cyrus W. (Cyrus West), 1819-1892

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Cyrus West Field (1819-1892) was a merchant and capitalist who promoted the laying of the first Atlantic cable linking the U.S. with Europe. He formed a company to build cable communications between Newfoundland and Ireland, helped establish elevated trains in New York City, and participated in the development of the Wabash Railroad. Other business ventures included ownership of a New York newspaper, the Mail and Express. From the description of Cyrus W. Field papers, 1831-1905, bulk...

Brown, James Muncaster, 1820-1890.

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Vanderbilt, William H. (William Henry), 1821-1885

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Dodge, William E. (William Earl), 1805-1883

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Stewart, John Aikman, 1822-1926

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