Elizabeth Heard papers, 1829-1864.


Elizabeth Heard papers, 1829-1864.

The papers of Elizabeth Heard consist primarily of correspondence, 1829-1864, sent to her by her four sons, John, Augustine, Jr., Albert Farley, and George Washington, Jr., and her brother-in-law, Augustine Heard, while they were living in China working for the family firm, Augustine Heard & Company. The bulk of the letters were written in the 1840s and 1850s. Some of the letters were written to both Elizabeth and her husband George Washington Heard, and one was addressed directly to George Washington Heard. The letters cast light on conditions in China during the Opium Wars, 1839-1842 and 1856-1860, social conditions in the country, the inner workings of an American trading firm operating abroad, and the family relationships that carried Heard & Co. to success. Many of the letters between Elizabeth and her sons discuss religion and spirituality, especially the ones from John. Letters written by Albert Farley while he attended Yale University discuss college social life and academic studies. Also included are recipes, most likely kept by Elizabeth, thank you notes sent to her, and memoranda notes and prose referring to her children. There are a few letters written to Elizabeth Heard by noted American educator Zilpah Polly Grant, 1829-1833. Grant had worked with Mary Lyon at the Adams Female Academy in East Derry, N.H. and refers to her in their correspondence In 1828, with Lyon and other teachers, Grant moved to Ipswich, Mass. to start the Ipswich Female Seminary. Elizabeth Heard became actively interested in the education movement.

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Elizabeth Ann Farley (1802-1865) was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1802. She married George Washington Heard (1793-1863) in 1823 and had six children: John; Augustine; Margaret; Albert Farley; and George Washington, who later legally changed his name to George Farley Heard. George Washington Heard's brother, Augustine Heard, was a successful merchant dealing in the China trade. Augustine did not have any children, and therefore Elizabeth and George Washington's four son...

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Augustine Heard (March 30, 1785 – September 14, 1868) was an American entrepreneur, businessman and trader, and founder of the Augustine Heard & Co. firm in China. Augustine Heard was born into a wealthy merchant family of Ipswich, Massachusetts. His father, John Heard (1744-1834), had made his fortune by trading with the West Indies, and his half-brother Daniel (1778-1801) also worked in foreign trade with the West Indies and China. Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, Augus...

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Lyon, Mary F.

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Heard, George W., 1793-1863.

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Banister, Zilpah P. Grant (Zilpah Polly Grant), 1794-1874

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Zilpah P. Grant Banister was born on May 30, 1794 in Norfolk, Connecticut. In 1820 she enrolled in the Byfield Female Seminary in Masachusetts under Reverend Joseph Emerson. She then taught at various schools around Norfolk until she began organizing the Adams Female Academy in Londonderry, New Hampshire, which opened in 1824. Here she worked as principal with Mary Lyon as her assistant. In 1828 she received an invitation to organize a school in Ipswich, Massachusetts. She remained at Ipswich Fe...

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Heard, George F., 1837-1875.

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Ipswich Female Seminary.

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Yale University.

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Augustine Heard & Company

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