Legislature, House of Representatives. ca. 1964-1980.


Legislature, House of Representatives. ca. 1964-1980.

Special Committee to Study the Dept. of Civil Service. Public hearing transcripts. 1973-1974. .9 ft. Public hearings were held by the committee from October. 1973, through February of 1974. Testimony was taken from various persons employed by the Department of Civil Service on how the different sections of the department were run. The transcripts of the proceedings of these public hearings are included here . Arranged chronologically. Interviews on tape, 1973. .6 ft. Interviews were held by the committee in August and September of 1973. Testimony was taken from various persons employed by the Department of Civil Service, much as was done during the public hearings. In the case of the interviews included here, testimony would have been in front of the committee alone, rather than in a public forum. The tapes of these proceedings are included here. Arranged chronologically. Evidence ca. 1973. .2ft. As part of its' study of the Department of Civil Service, the Special Committee gathered evidence. This series is made up of a set of reports done in 1971 on Employment Practices Review conducted by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission and Michigan Civil Service Commission. The goal of the review was to determine the advance, or lack thereof, in these departments studied towards reaching a goal of equal employment opportunity within state government. Reports of nine departments reviewed are included here. Arranged alphabetically. Special Oversight Committee to Study Civil Service. Committee hearing taped, 1976. .1 ft. This series consist of the tape of a public hearing held by the special oversight committee on August 11, 1976. At this meeting the committee members interviewed Richard Ross of the Department of Civil Service about the hiring of provisionals. Arranged as received. Joint Civil Service Committee. Committee meeting tape,1978. .1 ft. As in earlier special committees, the Joint Civil Service Committee was concerned with how positions in state government were filled by the Department of Civil Service. The tape is of the committee meeting held May 15, 1978, at which time Richard Ross, the State Personnel Director testified. Again the topic was the employment of provisions in state government. Arranged chronologically. Special Committee to Study the Port Huron Tunnel Disaster. Administrative subject files, 1975-1976. 1 ft. The subject files for this Special Committee encompass the administrative work for the committee. Contained are materials on establishment and guidelines, meeting agendas and minutes, memos, data, and reports. In the final report, the committee made several recommendations. These recommendations were geared at changing procedures of the construction companies. the regulatory boards and investigative boards, as well as the state agencies which are responsible for regulating tunnel construction jobs. This includes redefining requirements and increasing the number of inspectors employed to prevent harm to employees and employers. It also involved changing the wording of the relative public act, PA 154 of 1974, for clarification. In this way the committee hoped to avoid similar disasters in the future. Arranged alphabetically. Supporting material collected, ca. 1964-1974. 1 ft. This supporting material is the evidence and background information the committee compiled in its investigation. The records--from the Construction Safety Commission, correspondence, other construction disasters and testimony, as well as the other records--all provided the committee a basis upon which to base its report and thus its recommendations. The materials from the Construction Safety Commission and the Department of Labor are of particular interest, as they provide insight as to how the Port Huron Tunnel construction site was handled before and after the disaster. Arranged alphabetically. Special Committee to Study Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Committee hearing tape, 1976. .1 ft. The tape included here holds the records of hearings held August 30 and September 30, 1976. In this instance, the handling of the Blue Cross contract with the State of MI is discussed. Interviewed are people from Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna to determine how the State contract was awarded. Arranged chronologically. Special Committee to Study the Michigan State Fairgrounds. Committee meeting tapes, 1977. .1 ft. These are tapes of committee meetings held in October and November of 1977 at which they interviewed people connected with the fairgrounds. Issues discussed were involved with the running of the fairgrounds. Arranged chronologically. Consumer Subcommittee on Mechanics Lien. Subject files, 1979-1980. .3 ft. The subject files of the Consumer Committee's Subcommittee on Mechanics Lien focus on the mechanics lien law introduced as House Bill 4053 of 1979. The materials gathered in its history and development section provide other bills and amendments which cover various aspects of the lien law (see appendix 1). The report of the subcommittee summarizes the development of the draft of HB 4053, issues involved, and how they were resolved. Arranged alphabetically.

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