Opportunity Presbyterian Church (Spokane, WA) Records 1957-2003.


Opportunity Presbyterian Church (Spokane, WA) Records 1957-2003.

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Whitworth College

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Whitworth College was founded officially on February 19, 1890. During the years 1987 and 1988 plans were made to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Of course, this celebration, all during the 1989 year, was an opportune time for a fund drive. (Timothy R. Eaton, B .A. ’74) was commissioned to produce a motion picture film, “Whitworth College” for promotion of the financial campaign. This file includes the many film clips used to make the film and the final product in various formats. Fr...

Hall, Craig (actor)

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Alora, Donna

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Christensen, John F.

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Opportunity Presbyterian Church (Spokane, Wash.)

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Evans, Kathy, 1948-

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Blades, A.B.

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Mecham, Patrick

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Hansen, Jack Winsor

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Bates, B. Scott

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Taylor, Marcia Freed

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Baugh, Odin A.

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