The Herbert Belar collection of RCA documents, 1950-1967.


Belar, Herbert, 1901-1997. The Herbert Belar collection of RCA documents, 1950-1967.

The Herbert Belar collection of RCA documents, 1950-1967.

The Herbert Belar Collection consists of official RCA files pertaining to his work on the synthesizer and phonetic typewriter. Belar's research notes and calculations make up the bulk of the collection and require the user to be well-grounded in both electrical engineering and music. There are, however, sufficient summary reports and correspondence that explain the projects in ordinary language. The files include charts, photographs of the apparatus, sheet music for the pieces used as test subjects, and a 45 RPM record of music produced on the synthesizer. Among the correspondence is a 1955 letter from Robert Moog, then an undergraduate at Queens College but already deeply involved in electronic music, requesting Belar's advice in getting access to technical information for his own efforts.

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