History of the Seven Years' War, 1756-1762.


History of the Seven Years' War, 1756-1762.

Manuscript, in a single hand, with many corrections, of a history of the Seven Years' War, focusing on British actions and policies from the declaration of war against the French in 1756 to the preliminary articles of peace in November 1762, divided into 16 stitched fascicles. The first 9 fascicles, from 1756-1760, present the history in narrative form. In addition to accounts of European battles, this section includes an account of French actions in North America in 1760, including Canada and especially regarding relations with Native Americans; a note which records a poem by the poet-laureate William Whitehead in 1760 celebrating the events of that year; a mention of casualties in the "black troops in the English service" at the battle of Wandiwash in India in 1759; an account of the tumult in London over an infestation of mad dogs in 1760 and of the symptoms of an infected man; and a description of the death of George II in 1760, with a reflection on the achievements and flaws of his life. The last 7 fascicles are a collection of copies of letters, dated from London from 1761 to 1762, reporting on events of the Seven Years' War, as well as commenting on current political and social events in London. The letters report on activities in Europe and India; the war against Spain; a conspiracy formed at Bermuda "by the negroes there"; the battle and surrender of Havana; and the preliminary peace negotations. The writer also reports the deaths of Bishop Benjamin Hoadly of Winchester, the chemist Joshua Ward, and Samuel Richardson; notes the town's surprise at the news of the king's announcement of marriage to Sophia Charlotte; describes her dress and appearance at her marriage ceremony; describes the king's coronation in 1761; and mentions a tax on windows as well as unseasonable weather. Many letters in 1761 pertain to the resignation of William Pitt, in which the writer criticizes the hypocrisy of Pitt's acceptance of a peerage and pension. Although unsigned, the letters occasionally mention personal details such as references to the correspondent's brother's illness. The manuscript is prefaced by an introduction in which the author explains that the work was begun for his amusement, but that he soon realized the difficulty of attempting a historical account while the facts were still recent and therefore decided to put the facts in an epistolary form which allowed him to provide context for them. Accompanying the manuscript are two stitched fascicles of notes from Milton's History of Britain , and one harrating English history and politics from the death of Charles I to the Rye House Plot.

1 v. (375 leaves) : 3 ill. ; 21 cm.


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