Robert Townsend Farquhar letters to Robert Dundas, 1810 May-1811 May.


Robert Townsend Farquhar letters to Robert Dundas, 1810 May-1811 May.

Letters and letters copy from Robert Townsend Farquhar to his patron on the East India Company's Board of Control, Robert Dundas, concerning the British expedition against Mauritius and Réunion and Farquhar's appointment as Governor. Subjects include the initial phase of the naval campaign against the French islands; their capitulation; and Farquhar's preliminary establishment of British rule. Farquhar frequently alludes to the importance of Dundas's patronage in his advancement, and when he is abruptly displaced as governor of Mauritius he sends Dundas several copies of his reply to the change in orders. Other items include a 1796 memorandum urging the British government to conquer the two islands; a 1798 letter by the emigre comte de Fouchecour claiming to have a secret plan to persuade the islanders to support the British; and a discouraging letter from Spencer Perceval to Dundas about a suggestion that the British take the Portuguese settlements in East Africa.

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