[Evidence against Warren Hastings], [1787].


[Evidence against Warren Hastings], [1787].

[Evidence against Warren Hastings], [1787].

Manuscript, in a single hand, containing copies of documents related to Hastings' governorship of India and the subsequent accusation in Parliament "that the said Warren Hastings did about the same time contrary to Law, to his duty and to the very nature of the powers vested in him, confer upon himself a full and complete Delegation of the whole power and authority of the Governor General and council of Fort William." The documents, headed "Evidence," are particularly concerned with regulations regarding the absence of the Governor General from Fort William, and include an "Extract of General Instructions from the Court of Directors to the Governor General & Council of Bengal, dated 29th March 1774" and a series of minutes from "Bengal secret Consultations" dated 1781.

1 v. (14 p.) ; 39 x 25 cm.

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