[Journal of the House of Lords], [1640/1 Mar 10 - 1641 Jun 17].


England and Wales. Parliament (1640). House of Lords. [Journal of the House of Lords], [1640/1 Mar 10 - 1641 Jun 17].

[Journal of the House of Lords], [1640/1 Mar 10 - 1641 Jun 17].

Manuscript, in a single secretary hand, of a chronological journal of proceedings in the House of Lords, including bills, resolutions, committee appointments, and orders of the house. Several entries describe the House of Lords' receiption of a letter from King Charles I concerning his bill of attainder against Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford and his request for imprisonment rather than death for the earl. Other entries note the appointment of a committee to review the forts of the kingdom as well as their commanders; an order to burn books denying the Sabbath by Dr. John Pocklington; and an order against Henry Munday, a Catholic priest who attempted to leave England using a counterfeit passport and who refused to take the oath of allegiance. The manuscript also records the passing of an act to prevent the unlawful mixing of wines; an act for restraining bishops and others of the clergy from involvement in secular affairs; and an act for the pressing of mariners into service; and several entries discuss the closing of the ports and the concern of an invasion by France.

1 v. (ca. 500 p.) ; 30 x 20 cm.

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