[English political poetry], [1684-1691].


[English political poetry], [1684-1691].

Manuscript on paper, in various hands, of a collection of 38 poems, many of them political and satirical commentaries on events and political figures between the reigns of Charles I and William III such as the Civil War; the Glorious Revolution; and Restoration courtiers such as Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton and Sir John Lowther. Such satirical pieces include poems titled Opening of the Session In The House Of Commons; The Ghost; Death And The Cobler; Timon In Town To Strephon In The Country; and A Dreame. The collection also contains several satirical ballads, including The Doctor And His Patients; The Doctor And The Cooke, as well as a satirical letter proposing an Act Of Indemnity And Free Pardon for the late King James II. Other more serious pieces include An Essay On Poetry and an essay titled A Short Character of Charles the Second, King of England, Setting Forth His Untimely Death &c.

1 v. (142 p.) ; various sizes.

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